I love when the days get longer and the sunshine gets warmer, birds sing and flowers bloom, but my goodness, pollen is so not my friend!  I always make sure to have plenty of sinus medication and kleenex on hand when this time of year rolls around.  I will need them for certain.  

Yes, I know I am not alone too.  I know many of my friends in the same boat as me.....though I know others who never seem to be affected and its them that I am jealous of!  We all have our afflictions that we deal with but sneezing my head off and wiping my nose until I look like Rudolph is the part of springtime I detest. 

But, as always, this too shall pass and I'll be pouring sweat before I know it. OKAY>>>TMI TIME>>> Ha!  Speaking of pouring sweat, have any of you tried the Carpe' No sweat breast cream?  I did last year and it is awesome!  I put it on and let it dry before I put my bra on and it helps so much!!  I have a terrible tendency to break out from prickly heat if sweat lingers too long on sensitive skin and there is little that I could compare it to that a guy would understand except maybe jock itch.  It honestly when my chest gets so irritated from sweat, feels like someone lit a match to my skin and there is no relieving it!  It's miserable and lasts for days.  Carpe' isn't a cure-all, but let me tell you, it's worth the investment!  If I am going walking or it's an extra hot day, I often will dab a little of it even between my upper thighs...not THAT high...lol....and some on my lower back just above my waistline too.  It helps, truly it does!  I definitely will be a Carpe' customer for life after my experiences with it! I also have some Carpe' for my feet as well but forget to put it on before I put on my shoes....hence the reason I have a bottle of Funk Away that sits in my back hallway by my shoe bins....I take off my shoes after wearing them all day and spray that in them....it helps my shoes to stay in the house, otherwise they would get tossed out the door.  That is something I also will be a lifetime customer of....a friend told me about it and it's at Food Lion (or was) in their laundry aisle.  It's been awhile since I've purchased any so that's why I said (or was). :) 

Okay, back to the normal.  I hope that you are not in the allergy sufferer category right now or ever, but if you are, I hope that you find relief soon. 

Blessings to all!

Stay Sassy,



May 10, 2022 — Janet Ball

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