My goodness where has time gone? How can it already be the end of May?  The first three months of J Be Sassy Boutique have been exciting and fun to see the reactions of potential clients as well as friends to the different clothing options the boutique has to offer.  Some items have been hits while other items have been duds.  But, it's a live and learn experience as any new business owner has and that has helped me learn more about who my ideal client is and what she loves.  So, what does my ideal client love?  Comfort, colors, and style that is conservative but fun too.  Personally, I am a very eclectic person so I love plain and boring, comfortable and flexible, dressy and uncomfortable, colorful and silly, and all things in between.  You can see that in my home and in things that I wear or have worn in the past.  

What are things you like to collect?  Have any favorite patterns?  What are your favorite colors?  I think about these things when I am ordering merchandise for my boutique.  I want anyone who takes time to look at the collections in my online store to "walk in" and see something they love and want to purchase.  My own closet has grown as I have chosen different items for myself from my collections so that I can wear them and truly get a feel for the quality of the piece.  For some things, I have worn and washed them multiple times and loved them, for others, I've worn them a time or two but they aren't for my everyday life so I cannot vouch for the longevity of the piece.  Some of my favorites that I have worn tons of times, washed just as many and they still look brand new out of the package?  The Be Yourself Smiley Face t-shirt is one and the Sunshine and floral top is another.  I am not typically a "yellow" person, but these two yellow tops have been clear favorites and I feel happy and confident in them.  They haven't pilled up no matter how long I have worn them, are still soft, and just pieces I hope to find more like. :) Here's two pictures of them....

I have others that I have loved as well, but these two are definitely my favorites out of everything.  

So as we move into these warm (or hot depending on where you live) summer months, know that I am already looking at things for fall and if you would like to share what you would be thrilled to see in my boutique, please share!

Blessings to you and yours!

Stay Sassy,


May 31, 2022 — Janet Ball

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