As I type this, a family in our hometown is grieving the loss of 4 young members.  As I type this, my daughter and her fiance' are spending precious moments with a dear friend who is dying of cancer.  As I type this, a well known and loved teacher from my high school is being celebrated at a memorial service in two days.  As I type this, someone is taking their last breath while someone else is taking their very first.  Life is cyclical, births, hopefully years between, then death and on and on.  We know not the moment when life will close the chapter on us, but we can treasure every moment and make them count.  I know too well how quickly someone can be here and then not.  Experiences change the way you look at your own mortality and you hope that with each one, no matter how painful, that somehow you become a better person through it.  Experiences can teach us how to forgive and how to receive forgiveness.  They can teach us who are true friends and whom we should have left behind long ago.  They can show us what true family is, not necessarily blood linked, but heart linked.  And they can remind us that we are all human, none of us perfect, all of us screwing up in some way or another, and all of us able to change the world for the better if we try.  

J Be Sassy Boutique has set the goal of making a new Mommy smile with a new outfit all her own.  We had said that for every 50 orders we receive, one new Mommy chosen by the direct of the Davie Pregnancy Care Center, would be surprised with an outfit chosen just for her.  In memory of the community's young family members lost yesterday, I will be giving one new outfit away to a Mommy today and another one when we reach that 50 sales mark....we aren't too far hopefully soon.

May the Lord be with those who are hurting in any way, grieving a loss, remembering a loss, or needing comfort in some difficult times.  

Treasure Life my Sassy friends.  Be kind, be helpful, be loving.  Make it count.

Stay Sassy and God bless you and yours,


April 19, 2022 — Janet Ball

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