Late last week I was having a discussion with my daughter about what I needed to do to grow my boutique.  I told her I had new items that had arrived and were still arriving and I showed her pictures of what was among my new arrivals being released on Saturday night.  She shook her head and chuckled and said "Mom, your defined style is just ECLECTIC!"....Eclectic means a little of everything...a person who derives style, taste, etc from a broad range of sources.  Well, honestly, I guess she is dead on correct in using that word for me.  

Eclectic.... yes, that fits.  I love butterflies, tea pots, colorful anything, candles that are not overly girly scents but not overwhelmingly manly either. I love seasonal decor but always forget to get it out of the numerous boxes of stuff stored in the basement but I keep it thinking one day I'll use it all. I hoard Christmas paper, bags, boxes, cards, bows, etc....about 6 totes full in storage. LOL.   I like about any color under the rainbow but pastels are not something that appeals to me though I do like white and cream and beige. I like fruity cocktail drinks and screwdrivers, thick traditional icing but not marshmallow cream, the taste of a Kermit's footlong with just chili and the taste of the brisket at the cowboy steakhouse. I won't eat spicy foods....can't....but love anything swimming in butter or waistline shows that, guilty as charged.  I'm boring as the day is long with most food choices and don't like to doctor up anything I'm eating with salt, pepper, vinegar, etc.  

So yes, Eclectic definitely works.  There's nothing though that I love more than my precious family and my Savior, Jesus Christ, without whom I would not be where I am today.  I am always wearing my Christianity on my sleeve, so don't ever be surprised if I tell you about how Christ saved me and has been with me through so much in the course of my life.  I am always happy to talk to you about how to reach out to Him and ask Him into your life.  Trust me, sometimes that change you suddenly recognize within yourself is what you've been searching for all along but never knew what it was that would fill that void until you ask Him into your heart. :)  

Eclectic works as I think about all of the words I just wrote above and recognize how I'm "all over the place" in what I have shared.... but that's okay.  God loves this beautiful, crazy mess that I see in the mirror each morning.....well, perhaps beautiful is not quite accurate...I can definitely be scary at times. LOL. But call me anything you like and while I was a long time coming to it and I still have trouble at times thinking this way..... I am perfectly imperfect and the mess that I am and the love that I have and share, makes me beautiful in His eyes and that's all that counts.

Eclectic, yes.  Christ must love that about me. :)

Stay sassy my friends,

Janet <3 

April 09, 2022 — Janet Ball

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