Sometimes life just inundates you with so much you feel like your shoulders are full and you don't know how you can possibly handle more.

My birthday came and went and what we had wanted to do got postponed due to circumstances beyond our control. It was a good celebration with all of my babies coming in for the day.   Shortly after that, the gift of germs invaded my granddaughter's preschool and then our personal lives as she got sick, her Mom got sick, and I got sick.  Sinus infections for them that required doctor visits and bacterial bronchitis, chronic, for me.  I am utterly exhausted and so ready to get back to normal.  We celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary yesterday with hot dogs from Kermit's because I could sit in the car bra-less and eat and no one would know I didn't have it on under my shirt.  The compression of it has been causing coughing fits....though today is definitely getting better because it's not as bad right now.

So, with the last portion of summer being how it has been, I'm in the mood to do some clearing out.  Not only in my home but also in my boutique.  You're going to see lots of things marked down....some I'll lose money on, but you know what, a fresh start is warranted and hopefully the items I'll bring in for fall will be ones you will absolutely Fall for!  

Who's ready for football and cooler temps and sitting on the porch with a blanket as you read versus mosquito repellant coating so you can sit and not go inside itching? 

Let's be out with the summer stuff and in with the hopes and fun that fall will bring to us all!

Blessings to all of you my Sassy ladies!


August 04, 2022 — Janet Ball

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