Church was great this morning and the amount of chills I got during the and message....I knew that the Lord was present!  This morning was gray and cloudy and by after church it was cold and the rain turned to snow on our way home. By 4 o'clock, the sun had come out and it had warmed up a few degrees so it wasn't as bitter cold as it had been at noon. 

This evening, most people will be watching the Super Bowl on television but I doubt that we will be doing so.  My better half has to be at the dental surgeon office in the morning for a 7:40am dental procedure (he's having a molar removed).  So, with his mouth sore and an ice bag applied to it, a Valentine's date is out of the question for tomorrow though we did get an early dinner last night with my in-laws so it was kind of a Valentine's double date with them. :) With our daughter's dog still in a soft cone and his drainage tube still annoying all of us, we will likely crash earlier than usual so we will be fresh and awake enough as freezing temps overnight and the rain/snow we saw are prime for early morning black ice patches.  

Oh! One happy note to share is that exciting goodies are arriving tomorrow afternoon for J Be Sassy!!  I can't wait to share a sneak peek of them at some point later in the week and I am hopeful that next Saturday morning, you will find me doing my first live sale about 10 or 11am Eastern.  I, of course, will confirm this later in the week after I've had some practice and figured out what in the world I am doing in front of the live camera rather than behind it. :)

Have a great remainder to your Sunday and I will write more in a day or two! Blessings to my Sassy ladies! <3




February 13, 2022 — Janet Ball

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