Sometimes the weeks fly by and this past one definitely did!  Today is our middle daughter's 27th birthday.  Our oldest turned 30 earlier this month just after our granddaughter turned 2.  Our youngest will be 20 later this fall.  How are we old enough to have kids this age??

Updates from last week's post: 

Paco, the dog, is still in a soft cone until Tuesday when he gets his stitches out.  He had to make another visit to the vet's on Thursday, the 17th, because his ears swelled to the size of thick pancakes!  The only thing the vet could figure out was that he had an immediate reaction to the antibiotic she had started him on the day before...ugh! So, we switched antibiotics, she gave him two steroid shots, and by Saturday, his ears were back to normal....thank God!  I swear this is going to be the million dollar dog by the time he is 2 in May! 

Brad's dental surgery went fine and so quickly I barely had time to get the chair in the waiting room warm before the orthodontist came in to say he was all done.  Now, what was funny was he had had anesthesia and while not utterly loopy, did share with me that that was the only way he wanted to do anything from here on it brush his teeth, wash his hair, etc. Ha!  I am glad that it went well for him though and that so far, all has gone well and he's back to pretty much normal in more mashed potatoes and soft foods! 

As for me, I am fine.  I'm very excited about all of the new items I was able to add to the boutique's lineup this weekend (released on Saturday)!  I know my style is a bit quirky and ranges from fun and kid-like to mature and sophisticated!  I believe age is just a number and you can really rock any style at any age if you want to!  I still love my leggings and Journey or Def Leppard tees I have worn for years as well as the brand new things like the Midnight Lace blouse and Long Black Work Slacks like I wore to dinner the other night.  I also love the new Rugby shirt I got in that I had to keep one as it reminded me of one of Brad's favorite shirts that I would steal and wear when we were in the way, I only have two small, one they will go quick at only $38! 

Well, here's to a new week and finding somewhere along the way enough guts to do a LIVE on my J Be Sassy Boutique's Sassy Crew page later this week!  If you haven't subscribed to my boutique at be sure to do so as even if you are a member of the new group page mentioned above, I will be sending out super exclusive offers to my subscribers at various times!  

Hope your week is fabulous y'all!  Happy marriage day Tuesday, the 22nd, to one of my new sisters in Christ!! <3

Stay Sassy!


February 20, 2022 — Janet Ball

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