Wow.  It's been entirely too long since I sat down and wrote to you, my wonderful Sassy Crew Members.  Thank you so much to all of my clients for their consistent support of my dream.  You are MUCH appreciated!  

My world took a way different turn in 2022 when I became the primary source of transportation for my aging parents who can no longer drive.  I still care for my granddaughter, who turns 4 next month, during most afternoons after preschool so adding my parents' appointments and needs into the mix has kept me hopping and exhausted. Therefore my boutique has not received the full attention it has long needed.  That is going to change this year, 2024.  I'm going to take back some of my "ME" time and dedicate it to not only getting healthier mentally and physically but also working on building my brand with this boutique and really creating a niche' that fits the needs of so many like me.....someone who doesn't take the time for themselves as they should, who needs items for work or church but things to wear that ooze comfort and that desired goal of relaxation!

I hope you like the things that will begin showing up in the New for Spring 2024 collection.  Have your guys check out the new items for them too!  More to come soon but for now, comfort and casual is key!

If you have not joined my Facebook group for the boutique, please do so!  It's J Be Sassy Boutique's Sassy Crew group!  We'd love to have you take part in it be it comments on new items suggested or just arrived or your input on polls! Check it out and if you do join, message me and say so and I'll send you a bonus goody with your next order!  

Stay Sassy & Blessings to you all! 



January 15, 2024 — Janet Ball

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