When it rains, it pours. Lately, it seems every time we turn around, there is something going wrong in some way. Sometimes it’s just little and bothersome for a small time, others have been huge and complicated and well, overwhelming.  We have two dogs. One is older, one is almost two. The younger one has had so many health issues and one we thought was almost over has come roaring back. We were supposed to be going out of town to celebrate our 30th anniversary that was last fall but I got sick and then our daughter did and then the dog did. And while my daughter and I have gotten better, our dog will get better, then suddenly is sick. Now he has a re-grown (like swelling from early today to tonight about a half softball size now) cyst or tumor that has been doing ok after surgery, draining for a week, wearing the cone for two weeks, etc. and was almost well… but now…ugh. What it is or is causing it, the vet has no idea before and I’m sure won’t now. The emergency vet is $500 just to walk in the door. So we wait til Monday and I just have no idea what to expect. But I’m telling you, with all the “rain” pouring down here recently and especially right now, I don’t want spring flowers, I had better be seeing spring roses…

Be blessed and stay sassy my friends!


March 20, 2022 — Janet Ball

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